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About edsci

It was in 2006 that the realization of a family’s dream of establishing an educational institution which could provide excellent and quality, yet, affordable education started. That realization manifested as a school named Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. (EDSCI). The school initially offered Pre-school to Grade VI with 200 students. In a span of three years, EDSCI was able to accommodate the inclusion of secondary education starting with 1st and 2nd Year High School in 2007, 3rd Year High School in 2008, and finally, 4th Year High School in 2009.

Our School Brand

WISDOM is SUPREME… esteem her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you.” 
Proverbs 4: 7-8

The torch symbolizes the unceasing search for wisdom to render excellent service to God, country, and fellowmen.

In pursuit of wisdom, holistic development of an individual is given utmost importance through proper guidance and provision of a strong and solid foundation based on truth and principles of life.

Our Mission

& Vision


EDSCI is dedicated in producing basic education graduates who will be positive elements in  the community and nation’s progress and development. This mission is propelled by the school’s commitment to produce graduates who respond to the call of Wisdom, and believe that it is supreme. It guides every individual to upright living (Proverbs 4:5 – 9).

EDSCI is focused on developing graduates who understand the concept of being WISE and they are expected to be

W – World-class and globally competitive;
I – Intellectuals with strong inner lives;
S – Spiritual and God-fearing; and
E – Excellent servant leaders.


Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. will be known as the school of excellence in the field of basic education, community service, and educational leadership in the community and beyond.

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