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It was in 2006 that the realization of a family’s dream of establishing an educational institution that could provide excellent and quality, yet, affordable education started. That realization manifested as a school named Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. (EDSCI). The school initially offered Pre-school to Grade VI with 200 students. In a span of three years, EDSCI was able to accommodate the inclusion of secondary education starting with 1st and 2nd Year High School in 2007, 3rd Year High School in 2008, and finally, 4th Year High School in 2009.

Due to the steady growth in enrolment, school facilities were constructed and improved. In its 4th year, additional classrooms and an audio-visual room were constructed. For the following years, there was the construction of the covered court and the gazebo. Highly functional computer, speech, and science laboratories and the library with the Internet were also established. The school also embarked on the RFID system which increased students’ security in the school including the Text Blast which made it possible to quickly and efficiently disseminate information to parents and teachers. The badminton court and the function room were also built. A swimming pool, an auditorium, and a sports complex are part of the school’s future facility development plans.

Aside from the improvement in facilities, the instruction was continuously enhanced. Teachers employed updated teaching styles and strategies. The active participation of the learners in the teaching-learning process was prioritized. All year-round, comprehensive supervision of instruction and intensive training through seminars and benchmarking activities were conducted.

The school also takes pride in its advanced computer curriculum matched with its 1:1 student-computer ratio. In its 8th year, EDSCI started utilizing GENYO e-Learning, an Internet-based educational technology that supplemented and enriched classroom instruction. This innovation was the first of its kind in the north district of Caloocan.

In its 10th year, the School adopted the Scholastic Independent Reading Program (IRP) which served as an essential tool in developing students’ love for reading and enhancing their literacy skills. After two years, the school integrated the use of the Scholastic Assessment and Enrichment Program (AEP) in the English classes of Grades 1 to 10 to further improve the students’ reading proficiency.

School Year 2016-2017 marked the year of many educational reforms, technological innovations, and facility improvements for EDSCI. The school started offering Senior High School by opening its doors to both public and private Junior High School completers. It initially offered the following tracks: Academic (ABM and GAS), Technical-Vocational (ICT and Home Economics), and Sports Track. The school was granted with the permit to offer STEM and HUMSS during the following year.

It was also in the same year that the School’s application was approved by the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) to adopt the Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Program which enabled the provision of government assistance to deserving incoming high school students. School Year 2016-2017, marked the first batch of ESC grantees. To further improve learners’ skills, EDSCI also adopted the Performance Assessment of Standardized Skills (PASS) tests which ensured that the skills of students in Math and Science are at par with the competencies prescribed by the Department of Education for their current grade level.

The school also constructed a Genyo Hub which houses forty (40) tablet units and purchased chrome books which the teachers and students utilized in their classes to strengthen collaborative learning. The school also engaged its administrators, teachers, and students in Google training. This allowed every member of the school community to collaborate more and to learn and work together better. In its 12th year, all processes of the school such as the library, the Finance, the Registrar, the encoding of grades, etc. have been managed through a centralized online management system.

This allowed for better and more efficient handling and management of school functions and processes. Further, the classrooms of Preschool to Grade 6 and the Senior High School have been fully air-conditioned. During the School Year 2018-2019, all classrooms of EDSCI has been equipped with air-conditioning units to ensure the comfort of the students while learning. Six (6) additional classrooms in the SHS have also been constructed to cater to the school’s growing population. For School Year 2019-2020, the Genyo Hub has been transformed into a computer laboratory while the tablets will be available for classroom use. A cafeteria for SHS students and a new Science Laboratory at the SHS building has been constructed.

In all these educational reforms and innovations, EDSCI has gained its reputation to be a private non-sectarian school that is committed to educating and developing individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives regardless of their background, religion, affiliation, socio-economic status or culture. It believes in holistic education. It provides top-notch, meaningful, and wide-range academic experiences along with co/extra-curricular activities that contribute effectively to the students’ holistic development.

More importantly, EDSCI trains its students to develop good values and faith in God through the various learning experiences in school. Hence, EDSCI provides a balanced curriculum that is aimed towards the full development of students and the enhancement of their multiple intelligences.

Essentially, the strength of the school lies in its young and dynamic school administrators and faculty members who believe in lifelong learning, its learner-centered and technology-driven curriculum, its emphasis on the importance of reading and literacy, its highly competitive athletic teams and strong sports program, its holistic approach to learning, and its strong prioritization on students’ values formation and exposure to community service. The school is an active, learning organization that continuously commits itself to nothing but the provision of excellent and one-of-a-kind service to the students and the community.

Certainly, the long, exciting, and meaningful history of Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. is something to be experienced and witnessed by all learners who wish to achieve excellence in all aspects of their existence.