1. Library
The EDSCI Library has a wide-range of references such as books, encyclopedias, newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. It has an Internet connection for online research. It also features a special corner for the Scholastic Independent Reading Program (IRP) which is aimed at developing students’ love for reading and improving their comprehension skills. The Library is a place conducive for reading and learning.

2. Computer Laboratories
The school has two computer laboratories with Internet for the use of students from Grades 1 to 12. Each computer laboratory provides 1:1 student-computer ratio. These facilities are used for technology-related/hands-on activities in the different academic subjects especially in Information Technology (IT).

3. Multimedia Resource Center
The Multimedia Resource Center houses a wide range of materials and equipment which are used to enhance instruction.

4. Science Laboratory
The Science Laboratory may be used by students from Grades 1-12 during their Science-related experiments and activities.

5. Speech Laboratory
The Speech Laboratory is used during English classes to enhance the oral communication skills of the students.

6. Genyo Hub
The Genyo Hub provides 1:1 student-tablet ratio for students’ use in their subjects which will require hands-on activities in Genyo.

7. Multi-Purpose Room, Function Room, and Gazebo
These may be utilized for student and faculty meetings and practices and even during small programs or gatherings.

8. The Green Knights Gym
The Green Knights Gym serves as a venue for big school gatherings and programs. It also serves as the main venue for varsity training.

9. Registrar
All records of students are kept in the Registrar’s Office. These include enrollment reports, Form 137, Form 138, and other students’ credentials.

10. Clinic/Health Service
The school physician and dentist, with the assistance of the school nurses, conduct annual check-ups on the health conditions of students and school personnel.

11. Food Service
The School Cafeteria offers clean, nutritious, and affordable food choices to students and school personnel. There are various food stalls which provide more options for the students and school staff.

12. Finance Office
All accounting concerns which include student financial records are handled in this office.

13. Office of Student Services and Affairs (OSSA)
The OSSA shall be primarily in-charge of handling, organizing, monitoring, and evaluating student activities and participation inside and outside the school. It is also in-charge of monitoring and supervising the school’s Guidance and Discipline Office and all its transactions/affairs. It shall be in-charge of providing the following guidance services:

1) individual inventory service;
2) testing service;
3) counseling;
4) career guidance; and
5) academic support (tutorial/remedial programs, conferences with parents, and child observation in the classroom).

14. Conference Room
The conference room is a venue for small/focused-group discussions or gatherings.

15. TLE Demonstration Area
The TLE Demonstration Area is used to substantiate classroom instruction in EPP/TLE and to create a venue for students to enhance their practical living skills.

16. Practice House
The Practice House serves as a demonstration area for household and hotel services.

17. Home Economics Laboratory
It serves as a venue for practical lessons in cooking and baking.