Mission, Vision & Philosophy


EDSCI is dedicated in producing basic education graduates who will be positive elements in the community and nation’s progress and development. This mission is propelled by the school’s commitment to produce graduates who respond to the call of Wisdom, and believe that it is supreme. It guides every individual to upright living (Proverbs 4:5 – 9).

EDSCI is focused on developing graduates who understand the concept of being WISE and they are expected to be

W – World-class and globally competitive;
I – Intellectuals with strong inner lives;
S – Spiritual and God-fearing; and
E – Excellent servant leaders.


Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. will be known as the school of excellence in the field of basic education, community service, and educational leadership in the community and beyond.


Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. believes that every child is unique with his own abilities, talents, interests, and potentials which must be discovered through proper guidance that leads him to a better understanding of others and of himself and enables him to live in a better safer world where love, godliness, truthfulness, integrity, respect, and dignity reign.

EDSCI clings to the belief that learning is by doing. The teaching – learning process involves a deeper involvement of the child that makes him responsible for all his actions and decisions.

EDSCI understands that a child must pass through certain stages of development and he must go through every stage in order to be fully developed. It does not impose learning, rather introduces it through creative, manipulative and realistic ways which the child will surely enjoy and appreciate.

EDSCI believes and adheres to the principle of lifelong learning. Learning takes place from 0 – grave.

EDSCI uses “thinking” curriculum, in which every child is taught “HOW” to think rather than “WHAT” to think.

EDSCI adheres to the belief that a child must develop inner strength, in order to cope up with the challenges of this ever–changing world. It trains up child to use failures as stepping stones for success. It teaches to look beyond what he can see and have visions for himself.