It was in 2006 that the realization of a family’s dream of establishing an educational institution which could provide excellent and quality yet affordable education started. That realization, manifested as a school named Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc.


Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc. (EDSCI), initially offered Pre-school to Grade VI with 200 students. In a span of 3 years, EDSCI was able to accommodate the inclusion of secondary education starting with just 1st year and 2nd year high school in 2007, 3rd year high school in 2008, and finally 4th year high school in 2009.


Due to the steady growth in enrollment, more school facilities have been constructed and improved.  In 2010, four additional rooms and a pre-school playroom were constructed to provide the needs of the school’s growing population.


Aside from EDSCI’s facilities improvement, teaching instructions are continuously enhanced. Teachers employ updated teaching styles and strategies which are based on the needs and characteristics of the learners. Teachers are given training and development seminars all year round.

The school also takes pride in its advanced computer curriculum matched with its 1:1 student-computer ratio. Other facilities of the school include the new Library with Internet, the Science Laboratory, the school playground, the TLE/HELE Practice House, the Gardening and Carpentry Areas, the Dance / Audio-Visual Room, the Speech Laboratory, the Green Knight Gymnasium, the Gazebo, and the newly built & improved cafeteria. Additional rooms & facilities including a view deck, multi-purpose court, and HE laboratory are on the process of construction. Further, to provide better venues for learning and activities, plans for constructing an auditorium, a swimming pool, and more facilities are already in place.


EDSCI has gained its reputation to be a private non-sectarian school which is committed in educating and developing individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives regardless of their background, religion, affiliation, socioeconomic status or culture.


EDSCI believes in HOLISTIC EDUCATION. It trains its students to excel in all aspects of their lives and to be wise by providing them with meaningful, educational and wide-range academic experiences. At the same time, they are also provided with co-curricular activities to develop their multiple intelligences and distinct personalities. More importantly, EDSCI trains its students to develop good values and faith in God through the various learning experiences in school. Hence, EDSCI provides a BALANCED CURRICULUM which is aimed towards the full development of students. The end goal is to develop individuals who will be responsible, respectful, and loving members of their families and communities.